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Change the way you apply your makeup forever with this edgeless makeup sponge.
WUNDERBLEND is designed to replace your traditional makeup brushes and sponges - the only beauty tool you need to create a flawless, fresh finish to the skin. Whether you are applying liquid, mineral or powder makeup products, this complexion sponge makes it easy to bounce and blend into the skin.
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How to Use


Step 1

WUNDERBLEND can be used however you like, but we get the best results when it is damp. Simply run it under a cold tap and squeeze out any excess. The sponge will then appear large in size and won’t soak up the product.

Step 2

Apply your product of choice to WUNDERBLEND and dab onto your skin. Bounce across your skin to blend the product in.

Step 3

Use the small pointed edge of your sponge for precision application around your eyes and nose area.

Step 4

You can deep clean your WUNDERBLEND by washing it with warm soapy water.